Security Tips

Tips de Seguridad

If you lose your keys or if they are stolen change the locks immediately, no matter if it´s a rent apartment.
Never leave any documents that display your home or busineness address inside your car, nor your keys to enter in them.
Ask the service employees for identification. In case of doubt, call the company to verify their identity.
Make sure your home adress number is visible at day or night. This way, our security agents, firemans and ambulance wont waste time looking for the address in case of emergency.
If you have an alarm system make sure that the contacts list is up to date, to enable the company to call in case the alarm triggers.
Make sure that the doors and windows of your house or business are closed before you leave.
If you leave the house, don't leave signs that the family is out. Leave some lights on and do not post your absence in Facebook, Twitter and other social media.
Install a good GPS tracker that allows you to track your car constantly so that you can check up on it anytime from your smartphone.
If you are getting into your car, make sure that there are no suspicious people around you.
Never pickup people you don´t know on the road. If ther is an accident call inmidiatly the risponsible authorities.
If you are detained by the police, demand identification, don't allow your driver's licence to be taken away, nor allow the policeman to get into your vehicle.
If the tires in your car are flar or they have been stolen, DO NOT try to fix them on the spot. Call your assistance provider or go to the nearest police station.